Discover Ziggie

ziggie provides… a curated marketplace for our you, our suppliers and our social impact partners to connect and improve lives.

The reason we are here is to improve people’s lives globally and locally.  We have a deep respect for our suppliers, our environment, our customers, our social impact partners and each other. It is through this network of caring and connected people we change is possible.

Here's how… 5-20% of the reatil price of every purchase will be donated to programs offered by our social impact partners. These programs have immediate and direct impact on peoples lives. By choosing one of the programs we have on the site, or helping us to connect with a non-profit organization you care about, we will donate the money to the programs you care about. We do not inflate prices to fund this; we simply built our business model to include contibution to cause. It is simple, you make the purchase, you tell us where to doante, we do the rest.

It's possible because… our suppliers embrace and support the mission to improve lives and they contribute also. All of the brands and comapnies you expereince on ziggie are part of the ziggie network. We all beleive we are more poweerful when we work together. 

We are just getting started…We are excited to connect you directly to improving peoples lives. We are busy curating more brands, improving the website and adding more social impact partners. If you would like to know more or have any suggestions, please contact us at tellmemore@ziggie.net.

We are honored to have you join us as part of the ziggie network.



We are a United Nations of changemakers. From Canada, Australia, The United States, and  Hong Kong, (to name a few home bases!) we are all working to create a new kind of marketplace. ziggie is the type of business we believe our future depends on. Imagine if social impact was intrinsically connected to everyday behavior. One simple way to do that is to connect it to business. Principled commerce tied directly to social connection and impact will be the new normal. We are grateful beyond words to have this opportunity to improve lives with you.