World Vision is our first social impact partner. World Vision operates internationally and is highly regarding for helping children, families and communities throughout the world.

Our next step is to add additional social impact partners.

Beyond that look for our “Make Impact Local” program. This will enable you to direct funds to causes near you; from local food banks to community programs for children, whatever cause moves you, we want to change lives together! Please contact us at makeitlocal@ziggie.net to tell us about organizations you care about.

  • Your gift will multiply up to 6X* in fighting hunger, improving nutrition, preventing disease and promoting sustainable agriculture to improve the health of children. Every year, around 3 million children die due to poor nutrition, nearly half of under-five child deaths

  • Your gift will multiply up to 4X* in ensuring inclusive, equitable, quality education. 103 million youth lack basic literacy skills; more than 60% of them are women.

  • Your gift will help ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for communities. 663 million people do not have access to clean drinking water.

*Please note that the multiplying effect of grant’s funding and donated goods on donations directed to World Vision varies throughout the year due to start and end dates of grants and programs.

Thank you to World Vision for supporting us and all of the ziggie community by becoming our first Impact Organization partner.

Program photos are from World Vision.